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Only for Indonesia!

After 16 years in the Recreational Diving Industry I have come to know many things that most manufacturers don't want the public to know. “Most Basic Dive Gear and Accessories are not that expensive” Dive Shops & Retailers who buy in large bulk quantity get ridiculously low prices! There are also Import taxes, Shipping fees, Customs fees & Handling fees etc.....Depending on where you are in Indonesia. There are around 7 Bonded Free Trade Zones. All with different rules, regulations and fees on imported items. General tax on items within Indonesia with a value up to IDR 999,000 is 0%. Items with a value of IDR 1,000,000 and above can range from 27% to 40%. Then you have to deal with the RED LINE at Customs and Ports. This can delay your products for days or even weeks if the documentation is not in order.

We here at Max's Dive Centre (PT. Mutiara Permata) are here to take all of the sting out of things for you. We are now offering Dive Gear and Accessories at Crazy Prices. Order from our online shop and we will pay the Tax & Shipping in Indonesia Only!

No Credit Card.....No problem. We offer Offline payment/Bank Transfer on our Checkout page. So place your order, Transfer payment and your things will be on their way.

All orders ship within 24 hours (Excluding Weekends & Holidays)

If your looking to save money and time keep all orders below IDR 1,000,000 as much as possible and you can save, save, save!

There are only a few items in our online shop now. We will be adding more very soon. Keep checking back with us for updates and more Crazy Prices on Dive Gear & Accessories.

Max Dean


Dive Centre & LOB Operator

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