Diving & Monsoon Season

As the Monsoon Season approaches us here in South East Asia many people are looking for a place to dive. I have a different perspective on Monsoon Season. Most of us already already know where we want to dive but everyone says the visibility is bad. Well this can only mean one thing......Macro Photography Time! Get your camera out, dive in and shoot away. Even in bad visibility Macro Photography is always there. So its time for Lights, Camera, Action! With more than a few clusters of islands around the area we always have a place to get out of the current and wind. Here are some of the Photography Options we have in the South of Batam.

Pulau Petong. Batam, Indonesia. Sept 2017

Ghost Shrimp, Palaemonetes paludosus

Camera: iPhone 7+ and Weefine Pro Housing

Pulau Petong. Batam, Indonesia. Aug 2017 Pink Dorid Nudibranch, Hypselodoris bullockii, Camera: iPhone 7+ and Weefine Pro Housing

I only use my iPhone 7+ for my Underwater Photography & Videos. With a variety of lights and lenses. With the Weefine Housings you can use almost any Smart Phone you like. Check my review as well as the incredible simplicity of this Housing here!

Weefine Pro Housing for Smart Phones with built in Dive Computer & GPS tagging app from Dive+. Photo and Video corrcetion built into the app. You can do the editing on your phone or not. The choice is yours! Check out amazing features of the app here!

Accessories: Wide angle fish eye lens, Wide Angle macro lens +12.5, Super Macro lens +15, Snoot light, UV light, LED Ring light & Video lights. The options are limitless. I took a 67mm flip lens holder and mounted to the Housing so i can switch between Macro or Video very fast.

So if your ready....Let's go diving and have some fun!

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Max Dean aka Bule Gila

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