Discovering Batam: By Oceanz Tribe

It's been a while I spend some time with the ocean. Surface intervals can't be that long. Finally got a weekend time to checkout the local dive sites near Singapore. Batam (Indonesia) was the first choice. It's a great weekend get away especially if you are living in Singapore. 45 Minutes by boat to reach the Batam center. It took a long 1 hour drive to the south and another 1 hour by boat to reach some good dive sights. Good place if you like muk diving. Unfortunately I had my wide angle lens on instead of macro. Around 7-10 meter visibility depends on the luck. Lot of good corals. (Especially I like the fans). Great beach for surface interval/lunch break. This is probably gonna be my regular spots due to all the easy access. (Also don't have to worry about no-fly time). Max's Dive Centre and instructor Gerry Asta were really helpful in exploring these local dive sites. If you are living in Singapore I highly recommend this place for all the PADI certifications. Photos by Oceanz Tribe.


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